Transcender :: IT Certification Exam Software Leader

1. Easy to Work With

Our Customer Experience Managers get back to you in a timely manner and respond to your questions and needs, reducing frustration and idle wait time. In addition, you control ordering with our online ordering system. You can be assured that Transcender will not be a distraction to your business or your students.

2. Low Risk

Our parent company, Kaplan, is well known as a dependable, leading player in the exam prep business. Transcender has been developing exam-caliber practice questions and thorough, detailed explanations for over 20 years.

3. Student Confidence

Transcender provides students with tough, demanding questions that are exam-focused. Our students gain experience answering rigorous, exam-like questions, resulting in the confidence they need to pass their certification exam.

Detailed explanations cover the "why" behind each of our practice questions, providing vital insight into the exam content. Our comprehensive content challenges the student's knowledge in order to build confidence and enhance exam preparation.

Finally, our rigorous test engine provides different modes for student study. Students can study and practice at their own pace, drill themselves with flashcards, and practice in a mode that simulates the actual exam. We work to build student confidence and readiness for success on the real exam.

Partnering with Transcender®

Transcender makes it easy and cost effective for your institution to utilize our practice exams. Below are the four ways we typically partner with an organization to provide our material.

Pay Per Title

  • Order product directly from a secure online account or with your Account Manager
  • Account setup is free. No charge unless you order our product
  • Invoice is mailed out once a month, for all products ordered during month
  • Only pay for what you need

Workstation License

  • Commercial install of product on site (delivered via CD or download)
  • Usage is unlimited on
    an annual basis
  • Multi-year site licenses
    are available
  • Cost is based off number of titles multiplied by number of computers product is installed on

Annual Subscription

  • Annual agreement based off expected/past usage
  • Unlimited ordering of any title, in any format
  • Payable monthly (upfront payment may result in discount)

LMS and/or Intranet Integration

  • Your end-users can access our exams straight from your website or LMS
  • Contact your salesperson for more information

Meet the Team

Delvin Benjamin

Jake Hoff