Transcender :: CCNA Virtual Lab Cloud Overview

Transcender has partnered with Gambit Communications to introduce the CCNA Simulator. Gambit's MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud creates a real world lab environment with a network of Cisco Routers and Switches in a virtual web based environment. The CCNA Virtual Lab Cloud provides a safe environment to practice for the new required simulation secton of your CCNA exam, all without the worrieds about bringing down the equipment/network and affecting other users.

CCNA Simulator Benefits:
  • Helps beginners interested in familiarizing themselves with the complex environment and intermediate or expert users looking to sharpen their skills and move to a higher level.
  • Offers hands-on learning experience without having to buy expensive equipment.
  • Gives network engineers the ability to practice for CCNA and other certifications instead of just reading instructions.
  • Enables training organizations to supply a Virtual lab to students with the classroom training or eLearning courses.
  • Lets users interact with Routers and Switches, just like with real devices.
  • Includes many exercises and tutorials, including device and lab operations.
  • Conveniently accessible from any client operating system or computer.
  • Shop here for the CCNA Virtual Lab Cloud or view the Virtual Lab Demo.
NOTE: (1) Concurrency usage restrictions due apply to this product.