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Here at Captain D's, we have tried all the common methods of certification training: instructor-led, video/cd-rom/dvd, books, and all major brands of test prep software. I used to agonize over my annual training budget to make sure I get the best return on my dollar. Now our training budget is much easier to prepare: we just budget for Transcender. We found that training went faster and was more consistently successful using Transcender than any other method.

Chris Crabtree
Senior Director of Information Services
Captain D's, LLC

Memorial uses the Transcender products to raise the bar of technical knowledge in our IT department. The TransTrainer products are used to gain new skills without having to go away to distant and expensive training classes. Not only can our staff remain local, but they can go through TransTrainer at their own pace. Several staff members have used these videos to grow into new areas of IT and advance their careers.

As our people grow in skill and experience they use the Transcender tests and flash products to prepare for industry certifications. These tools give them a good understanding of where they are, and help them prepare to successfully pass a test the first time.

James V. Brummett
Technical Group Supervisor, Memorial Hospitals Association

When you sit down to take a certification exam, you want to be as prepared as possible. Other than experience with the technology being tested, nothing prepares you as well as a Transcender test prep tool. Third and by far the most important of these is the added value these tools provide. I am always telling students that the power of the Transcenders is in the explanations found underneath the questions. Why the right answer is right and why the wrong ones are wrong. These explanations help students understand the concepts behind the questions or at the very least that more work is needed to master a concept. Once the concept has been mastered, the questions almost become easy. I am not just talking about the questions on the cert exams, I am also referring to the questions an IT professional faces many times a day. After all, it is all about the skills!

- C.O.
Boston University Corporate Education Center