Transcender: Customer Testimonials

" I have taken 2 microsoft college courses and I felt I was ready for my first exam. I purchased transcender 30 day online access. I studied and studied like no tomorrow. I got to where I could retake the test and got 100% on the Transcender practice exam. I was nervous on the day of the exam. I used all 3 hours of allotted time, the Microsoft exam was the hardest ever in my life. I passed with almost 10%age points over. I would have been doomed if I had not prepped with transcender. thank you so much. "

Mario R.

"You make the best testing products around and I will always use your products. Thank you so much!"


" Trancender's test prep products worked great. I passed the 70-659 test on my very first try! I highly reccommend their products!"

Michael S.

"I took the exam this weekend and passed and I simply would not have without the Transcender practice material. I used the Transcender practice study material most for the area that I was the weakest, WCF. I actually ended up scoring better on that section than the basic Web development which I have always done well on with .Net exams (I have been teaching and working with since it came out). I felt that the Transcender material covered the concepts and details necessary to properly face this tough exam."

Tracy W.

"[I] Paid 4k for a CISSP Training Boot Camp and it was a waste of money... I stayed in class and listened to non-sensical drivel about stuff I already knew! Mid second day I left and purchased a 30 day Transcender liscense to CISSP and studied for 4 days and took test as scheduled. I cant say it was an easy test...but Transcender familiarized me with the basic reasoning to understand what they asked.Gotta say though I will use these to get the paper for a few others that will enhance my stature in todays IT world. Transcender is tops!!"

John S.

"I wanted to say that you guys provide THE BEST study material for the CompTia A+ (2009) 220-701 and 702. I purchased the online material, studied all material and thanks to you, I am now CompTia A+ Certified!!! Thank You! This is my first certification and from the results, this will be my primary source for material in order to prep for ANY Certification TEST that you offer! THanks AGAIN !"

"I'm delighted to see that you guys will actually act upon feedback from the field. It's not as common a phenomonon as I would like it to be. I've been using the Transcender products for a little over 10 years now, and this sort of thing is one of the reasons why. "

"I recently ordered the practice exams for the Microsoft 70-270 test. I placed the order on Sunday October 5 and it arrived at my house within a few days. I had already scheduled the certification test to be taken on October 27. The test was a success! This was my first certification test that I have taken. Your product, without a doubt, was the best study material that I came across! I'm excited to get ready for the 70-290 test. Without question, I will be ordering the Transcender practice tests for this exam. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for a terrific product. Without a doubt, your exam simulations have made the difference for me in obtaining certification. Not only did the simulations prepare me for the actual test, but they also significantly strengthened some of my weaker areas by letting me know where I was weak and then providing the appropriate references for further study. Now it's on to my next exam....but not without the Transcender simulations!"

"Transcender picks up where even the best books leave off - and then blows them away. I found the exam simulations to be great preparation for the real thing. Your exams covered every concept thoroughly and mimicked the actual test environment perfectly. I also found your answer explanations to be better written than any that I have found in those $50.00 books. When people ask me what I did to pass the test, I tell them, "I got the Transcender.""

"Hello Transcender: I have personally purchased the exams for every one of my tests and they are just great. They prepare you the Microsoft way. I have taken classroom instruction as part of my curriculum and I even use these tests to study for my classes instead of the textbooks. I have found many mistakes in textbooks but not on your exams. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU."

A. F.

"Just a quick note on how much your products helped me get my MCSD. It was a snap. I passed every test with points to spare. One of the best parts is the outline that comes with the tests. It really makes studying a breeze. I can't wait for the new MCSD products. Keep up the good work."


"I have completed 9 of the Microsoft exams. I swear by your products and as an MCT I regularly recommend your software as THE preparation standard! Keep up the excellent work!"

"I just passed my fifth exam. I give a big credit to Transcender's products. Without Transcender I would have probably failed each and every exam. Transcender gives me that confidence by passing the real exam on the first shot. You guys pass the happy customer exam. Now you earned a Loyal Customer. Thank you!!!!"


"I found the Transcender Exams to be fantastic! The questions were more intense than the actual Microsoft exams, and I felt were a tremendous learning tool. It has become a common practice for the training staff at our company to recommend your products. Thanks!"

"I use TranscenderCert exam simulations exclusively as a result of repeated success on Microsoft and Cisco certification exams. I have used every major exam preparation tool during my thirteen years in the IT industry and have found Transcender to be the most accurate and up-to-date product on the market. I recommend Transcender products to all of my colleagues and have seen the same exam success rate in their careers as a result. With a complete line of training tools including TranscenderCert, TranscenderFlash, and TransTrainer, Transcender gives the IT professional the long-term knowledge necessary to excel in the IT industry, not just the information needed to pass an exam."